At night

German Version 


Anne-Fleur indeed was excited. For the first time she was out that late. In fact she didn´t have a concrete idea about why she did it – in fact it just had happened. They had sat together, had drunk, talked, laughed together. Oh, alcohol had become rare in her life. And then it had become late very suddenly and she had had to go. Surely there would have been a possibilty to stay fort he night, a bed, a sofa, something like that would have been found. But she wanted to go home. There was work tomorrow morning. The children had to be cared of, even though they didn´t go to school, of course. And the night made her feel well. She felt the night somehow swallowed what had happened the day, felt that it brought justice over the little town.  

Much better it worked now. Her fear had nearly gone. Each step a bit better.

She gazed at the stars. The night was clear and cold, the sky itself made her calm down and feel even more save. She could see Orion. She remembered her dad. She could see the Great Bear, or was it the Little one? Her father once had explained the stars to her. She had sat on his lap, and he had pointed into the sky and had spoken those wonderful strange sounding names. She remembered him even today, every time when she recognized one of these far constellations and was able to call it by ist name.

She almost got lost in sight of this overwhelming view, got lost inside this wonderful, peaceful and devine starlet sky.

She almost didn´t see the two men who suddenly came towards her from across the street. They had come from this small bar over there, so she had seen them too late. They ambled rather than they went determined, as if they enjoyed the bland night and as if they only came around for a small chat, a little conversation between neighbours, about the stars maybe.

When she saw them coming it was to late indeed. When she saw them coming, she knew her life would change, that was for sure. Definetely, finally would change.

If he could see her passport, one of them asked. Of course she had one.

For a short, surreal moment she believed that everything could turn out well.  They wouldn´t notice the real big seal, that covered one complete page of her passport. This This bloody seal, seeming to destroy her passport only by being there.

The first man handed the paper to the second one. If she knew there was a ban for Jews to leave their home after dark? – Yes, she answered – which was the truth. If she was able to follow the men to their office? – Yes, she gave back. There was no way to say something different.

„Gestapo“, the landlord said, watching the scene from behind the curtain. „controlling tonight“.

At home one of her children woke up, calling Mum.

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